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About Us is a peaceful nonpartisan grassroots organization run by volunteers passionate about making our communities, our nation, and world better.


Our volunteers come from across the political spectrum but tend to lean independent and (small-L) moderate libertarian. We speak out to advocate human rights, integrity, and ethics in the public sphere. We denounce oppression, corruption, and disinformation without regard to the affiliation of subjects covered.  We oppose anti-democratic, authoritarian, and totalitarian ideologies and movements, including racism, fascism, Marxism/communism, white supremacy, Christian nationalism, Islamic supremacy, and other movements which act contrary to universal human rights and democratic values. Similarly, we denounce anarchist, anarcho-libertarian and anti-government ideologies and organizations. We understand and appreciate the importance of good governance in achieving and defending human freedom and prosperity.  We denounce government corruption and malfeasance as antithetical to these values.


We support peaceful advocacy. We repudiate in the strongest possible terms any and all organizations, groups, and individuals across the political spectrum who promote, incite, or engage in violence, as well as those who aid, support or glorify violence. We call for those who engage in such conduct to be held fully accountable under the law, without preference to ideology or agenda.

We work to cover topics carefully and accurately and provide documentation of data and claims. Issues are analyzed according to our principles. We are a rights advocacy group and not a news organization. Articles and perspectives include editorial and opinion content.


Selections are quoted from referenced sources in accordance with the "fair use" doctrine as a transformative, non-commercial use for education and policy analysis in the public interest. 


No funding has been received from any group or organization. To maintain our independence, we do not accept donations.


We hope you enjoy our site. Please take a moment to drop us a line.

About: Headliner
About: Headliner
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