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Democracy vs. De-Democratization

The de-democratization of America includes the politicization of various government institutions, including U.S. intelligence agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. military, and the justice system. Corporations have increasingly been pressured to push partisan agendas.  Activists have turned a blind eye to violent crimes and wanton destruction perpetrated by ideological allies, while seeking the harshest possible penalties - and even invoking never-before used laws and interpretations - for the prosecution of political enemies.

The politicization of public institutions, as well as companies and institutions which ostensibly serve the general public, involves corruption, but is far worse than "simple" corruption, as it involves more than "merely" the waste of public resources.  This politicization is more ominous than simple authoritarianism, as it involves systematic dismantling of rights and safeguards, rather than sporadic abuses of power.  The transformation of public institutions into partisan actors and political power centers violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection under law for all Americans, and constitutes an assault against the heart of democracy.

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