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Political Violence: Undermining Democracy

April 23, 2023


Political violence is anti-democratic and destructive.  Political violence from any source should be subject to commensurate prosecution and penalties. Authoritarians abroad in Russia, China, Iran, and elsewhere have expressed glee and been emboldened by political violence in the United States. They have represented it as evidence of the failure of democratic governance and open society and have seized upon the opportunity of Western weakness to further oppress their own people and to engage in aggression abroad.


Some news and analysis regarding political violence in the United States that have appeared in major U.S. news sources are cited below.  Hyperlinks to each article are included in the reference section.


Political Violence on the Right

Trump Refuses to Condemn Russia over Poisoning[1]

Violence on the Political Right[2]


The Lies and Ideology that Promote Political Violence

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Violence and the Lie[3]

False Histories and Ideologies Spur Violence[4]

Riots Arise from Ideology of Violence[5]

Leftist Media’s Ideological Defense of Violence[6],[7]

“Anti-Fascism” Advocates Violence.[8]

The Left Advocates Political Violence

Left Makes Politics a “Secular Religion[9]

The Left’s Urban Warfare Driven by “Lust for Power[10]


Conspiracy and Coordination of Riots

Network-Enabled Anarchy: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement.”[11]

Leftist Groups Call for Nationwide Riots[12]

Leftist Recruiting for Violence[13]

Detroit Sues BLM for “Civil Conspiracy”[14]

Antifa and BLM’s “Organized Terror Attacks”[15]

Organized Riots: Locals and Out-of-Staters[16],[17]


Political Incitements to Violence

Leftist Politicians’ Incitements to Political Violence (1), (2), (3), (4).[18],[19],[20],[21],[22]


Media Collusion Inciting and Enabling Political Violence

Media Lies and Gaslighting on Leftist Political Violence (1), (2), (3), (4)[23],[24],[25],[26]

Ignoring Violence by the Left and Against Conservatives (1), (2), (3)[27],[28],[29]


Refusal to Prosecute or Condemn Leftist Political Violence

Oregon Refuses to Prosecute Leftist Rioters, Police Pull Out (1), (2)[30],[31]

Refusal to Prosecute Leftist Political Violence (1), (2)[32],[33]

Leftist Politicians Refuse to Condemn Leftist Violence (1), (2), (3)[34],[35],[36]

Leftist Prejudice Short-Circuiting Justice[37]


Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Marxist Revolution

Murder by Antifa (1), (2)[38],[39]

Antifa Celebrating Murder[40]

Antifa Bombed Federal Courthouses[41]

Portland Antifa Protests Worse than “Normal Criminal Activity”[42]

Violence of the Black Lives Matter Movement[43]

BLM: Attempting to Overthrow America[44]

BLM Protestors’ “Mafia Tactics”[45]

BLM and Antifa: Destroying America[46]

BLM Murders[47]


Threats and Intimidation

Leftist Threats of Political Terror[48]

Threats Against Conservatives[49]

Antifa Targets Anti-Crime District Attorneys[50]


Subverting Democracy

Political Violence Subverting Democracy[51]

Political Violence is an Attack on America and Democracy[52]


The Human Cost of Political Violence

Harm to Black Communities by Leftist Violence[53]

The Human Cost of Pro-Crime Officials[54]


Leftist Violence

Violence of the Left (1), (2)[55],[56]

Attacks Against Conservatives (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)[57],[58],[59],[60],[61]

Attacks on Churches[62]


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